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Sometimes, I write letters.

Simple, hand-written letters, three-folded and put into yellow envelopes. I do that because spoken words are hurried, inadequate and perishable, while written words can be treasured and carry a quaint silence of their own. I spend more time at the keyboard and the screen than with a pen and a book these days, and I thought it would be nice to keep these letters stashed away in this blog.

If you're a gullibe reader who's somehow been ensnared, I'd like to warn you that the topics will vary wildly - from Indian poetry in English to fantasy literature, from personal anecdotes to football-based rants. There may even be a smattering of musical and culinary opinions once in a while. I try to keep an open mind; case in point - one of my favourite songs is by a band who are vociferous fans of a rival football club.  

Mark Twain once said - writing is easy, all you have to do is cross out the wrong words. I work full-time as a data scientist, but I will try to have a new blog post out every weekend. If you like what I write - you may want to consider subscribing to the newsletter.

The cover image of this page is of my debut collection of poems - sorting through paperwork after midnight. Thanks for visiting, and may the force be with you.